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Building the Business Case for Improving Endpoint Security

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As a security provider, we understand that convincing executives to make changes to their stack can be difficult. It’s important to clearly demonstrate return on investment (ROI) for any security build out, so that your team becomes more effective with every dollar committed. 

It’s important that you—as a critical part of your organization’s security—are able to explain the importance of evolving with an ever changing threat landscape to the people tasked with keeping your organization safe and productive.  This can be anyone from an IT leader to a company executive or members of the board. 

Our hope is that this document will consolidate the effort required to build out a business case for your organization’s investment in strong endpoint security. The following includes quotes, data points, and industry benchmarks from thirdparty reports, as well as Carbon Black’s own original data. The result of this effort is a collection of key facts and arguments to help you convince your boss that an investment in endpoint security will be beneficial for your company.


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